What We Do Creative, Technology & Strategy

Wild Dog is made up of an exotic mix of designers, front and back-end developers, information architecture (IA) specialists and strategists.

In simple terms, there are three core tenets of the agency: Creative, Technology and Strategy. The 'what' does it look like, the 'how' will it work and the 'why' is this the correct approach. The reality is that they are not independent of each other, but totally interdependent and thereby we can offer our client's the most robust and dynamic creative development process.

In practical application terms, this means we design and develop for digital, whether that’s websites, sophisticated back-end data engineering work, API through to PWA devs and all the while embracing emerging technologies to make our client's offering first-class. We design for print; from brochures through to direct mail. We’re brand designers; whether you need to define your brand’s overall strategy, brand strategy workshops through to producing assets such as ID marques, brand guidelines, tone of voice and competitive positioning.

We’ve been doing it since 1996. We think we’re pretty good.


At Wild Dog, for a number of our clients we are known for building their B2B/B2C websites. However we also frequently develop and build bespoke solutions. These range from systems that allow for complete personalisation enabling the client to engage with their customers; in-house development tools for internal team hub communication; highly advanced carbon emissions calculators; app and PWA tool development; touch-screen design and development; through to entire back-end system replacement rebuilds with multi-language content migration.



Digital Speaking your language

Our in-house team of developers gives us ability to work with a variety of tech stacks, from reliable well established CMS like WordPress for b2b and b2c websites through to bespoke API driven systems that link to React JS PWA interfaces including Laravel powered PDF report generation.

At Wild Dog we are not here to blind you with science; whether you are the marketing director or the CTO, we are here to deliver what you need and to talk your language.

PWA Giving you the edge

A ‘Progressive Web Application’ is a web application that loads like a regular website but offers the user extra functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and functionality traditionally available only to native applications. Wild Dog is at the forefront in our use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), giving our clients an edge in search rankings as well as providing additional ways to engage with visitors.

PWA technology optimises websites for mobile and tablet through pre-caching of assets, and allows visitors to save websites to their home screen giving them an app experience without the need to download it through the app store. Wild Dog has explored and embraced a PWA embedded approach to all website development since its inception, and as standard our websites adopt the ‘basic’ progressive web application standard as recommended by google.

Canvas Guides PWA plus

For those with imagination and vision, PWA technology enables a business to take their digital offering to an entirely new level of personalisation, enhanced user experience (UX) and optimisation previously unavailable.

Fortunately for your business, Wild Dog has both the vision and expertise to assist you; and especially within the specialist travel and leisure industry, our unique understanding has led to the development of own unique personalised travel and itinerary generation service in our proprietary stand-alone product through Canvas Guides. Affordable, extraordinary and immediately available through our cloud based dashboard, Canvas Guides is set to revolutionise the travel market for both tour operators and events organisers alike.

To learn more, please see our introduction to Canvas Guides and the benefits that it can bring you.