What We Do Creative, Technology & Strategy

Wild Dog is made up of an exotic mix of designers, front and back-end developers, information architecture (IA) specialists and strategists.

In simple terms, there are three core tenets of the agency: Creative, Technology and Strategy. The 'what' does it look like, the 'how' will it work and the 'why' is this the correct approach. The reality is that they are not independent of each other, but totally interdependent and thereby we can offer our client's the most robust and dynamic creative development process.

In practical application terms, this means we design and develop for digital, whether that’s websites, sophisticated back-end data engineering work, API through to PWA devs and all the while embracing emerging technologies to make our client's offering first-class. We design for print; from brochures through to direct mail. We’re brand designers; whether you need to define your brand’s overall strategy, brand strategy workshops through to producing assets such as ID marques, brand guidelines, tone of voice and competitive positioning.

We’ve been doing it since 1996. We think we’re pretty good.


Whilst creativity and technology are the outputs of the agency, strategy sits behind everything we do. Defining and agreeing what we are trying to achieve - it sounds simple and obvious, but if it does not happen, how do we all know if we’re doing the right thing? Diagnosing the problem we are trying to overcome - we need to get to the bottom of what your business faces.


User-Centred Design A tried and tested process

Having a process – doing the right things in the right way – helps us get to the right creative, technological solution. There are no shortcuts here, but it’s a tried and tested process. Of course we want to design something that you love, but more importantly, we want to design something that is right.

Research Finding insights from real people

You cannot understand the world just by sitting behind a computer screen. This is why we are proud to commission our own research to help understand industry-wide issues, developments, behaviour. We love talking to customers, and produce qualitative research reports based on in-depth questionnaires with different audiences to get real insights about why people do what they do.

We also understand the benefits of large-scale data, so we partner with industry bodies on quantitative studies, such as the AITO annual Travel Insights report, the biggest in the sector. To see an example of our research Whitepapers, do get in touch.

Partnerships Our industry network

We are proud to partner with a variety of bodies to keep up to date with the big issues in the industries in which we work, hear from wide-ranging speakers, and keep on top of developments in technology and creativity that we can bring to bear for our clients. We have been members of AITO for 15 years, and regularly speak at their General Meetings, and Overseas Conferences. Other bodies we partner with include ABTA, ITT, ETOA, and bring our research and developments to global events, including WTM and ITB Berlin.

ITB Berlin