What We Do Creative, Technology & Strategy

Wild Dog is made up of an exotic mix of designers, front and back-end developers, information architecture (IA) specialists and strategists.

In simple terms, there are three core tenets of the agency: Creative, Technology and Strategy. The 'what' does it look like, the 'how' will it work and the 'why' is this the correct approach. The reality is that they are not independent of each other, but totally interdependent and thereby we can offer our client's the most robust and dynamic creative development process.

In practical application terms, this means we design and develop for digital, whether that’s websites, sophisticated back-end data engineering work, API through to PWA devs and all the while embracing emerging technologies to make our client's offering first-class. We design for print; from brochures through to direct mail. We’re brand designers; whether you need to define your brand’s overall strategy, brand strategy workshops through to producing assets such as ID marques, brand guidelines, tone of voice and competitive positioning.

We’ve been doing it since 1996. We think we’re pretty good.


The creative process of true design at Wild Dog does not start and end simply with the look and feel of a project; rather it runs through everything that we do. From concept and UX all the way through to back end devs and final delivery. It can cross over from digital to analogue, from still to the animated, from heart to head, from that which can be seen to that which intrinsically must remain unseen. Naturally the end look and feel often defines the design of the final application, but our client's take comfort knowing that so much more runs through what their clients finally see, touch, use and experience.


Brand Your core asset

Your brand is your most precious asset. For your customers, your brand conveys the promise of quality and consistency, and very often it will be what makes them choose you over the alternative. Whether you are launching a new brand or revisiting an existing one, we have the expertise to assist you.

From brand analysis through to competitive review and real-time stake holder workshops; from strategy objectives and mission definition through to tone of voice and creating your brand’s distinctive aesthetic style, brand guidelines, logos and all other assets. At Wild Dog we will be your brand’s most true custodian and guide for all the development work that you require.

Digital Fully integrated experience

From a simple, easy-to-use open-source CMS website through to sophisticated, multi-language site with dedicated CRM integration and in-house hard coded development, our digital designs are both visually inspiring and digitally state-of-the-art.

We adhere to our User-Centred Design process from brief through to launch to make sure the role of the project is agreed, the user journeys are thoroughly investigated and the right technology is employed to create the best experience.

At Wild Dog we continue to evolve our own design and development process in order that we can guide you seamlessly through every complex stage of digital product creation. From research, user testing, full design Information Architecture (IA) planning , open-source PWA embedded CMS builds, third-party liaison and integration, REST API creation, training, deployment and on-going measurement with full service support agreement.

Please see our Technology and Strategy approach to learn more.

Print Design for print

At Wild Dog, as with all great design agencies you’ll find that there is printer’s ink still in our blood. Your print collateral, whether brochure, annual report or direct mail piece, we believe represent everything that is great about your company. Our print design work is renowned for it’s distinct and inspiring look; whilst ensuring the navigation makes them simple to reference, with intelligent information hierarchy.

At Wild Dog our heritage is steeped in our love of print, typography and illustration and the important role that it can play in your marketing mix. Our print designs are known for being memorable, unique and more than simply being corporate literature. With our comprehensive design process, we not only can handle the final creative and artwork but take the project through to full print management and fulfilment. And we ensure that our carefully selected printers all conform to the high standards demanded by ISO 14001 and the FSC to ensure minimum impact on the environment.