What we do

We’re a mix of graphic designers, front and back-end developers, illustrators, animators, I.A. specialists and strategists.

We design for digital, whether that’s websites, apps or other emerging technologies. We design for print, producing brochures, annual reports, direct mail or exhibition collateral. We’re brand designers, whether you need to define your brand’s overall strategy, or producing assets such as logos, brand guidelines, tone of voice, or competitive positioning.

We’ve been doing it since 1996. We think we’re pretty good.

Brand / Print / Digital


Your brand is your most precious asset. For your customers, your brand conveys the promise of quality and consistency, and very often it’s what makes them choose you over the alternative. Whether you are launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we will be your custodian and guide for any development work required.

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At Wild Dog, print design is in our blood. And your print assets, whether they are a brochure, annual report or direct mail piece, should represent everything that is great about your company. We design in order to deliver the core message and offer for when you can’t be there. Our print design work is renowned for it's distinct and inspiring look; whilst ensuring the navigation makes them simple to reference, with intelligent information hierarchy.

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From a simple, easy-to-use website for a casual West End restaurant to a sophisticated, multi-language site for a US Pharmaceutical, b2b apps through to b2c touch-screen exhibition displays our digital designs are both visually inspiring, technically state-of-the-art and seamlessly compatible across devices.

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