Roche New suite of Events marketing collateral


Roche Diagnostics serve customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum – from research institutions, hospitals and commercial laboratories to clinicians and patients. Performed on blood, tissue or other patient samples, in vitro diagnostics are a critical source of objective information for improved disease management and patient care.


As part of their continual drive to serve the specialist industry, Roche Diagnostics create and run a number of specialist events throughout the calendar year. The events have a broad audience within their specialist sectors, and this may include but is not limited to Clinical Scientists, Biomedical Scientists, Laboratory Managers, Senior Managers, Finance and Procurement Managers.

The materials look fab and it's been great working with you. As well as the fab looking work you do, myself and Alex have both said we really appreciate that you're very easy to work with, you really take notice of the details in everything we say and supply, and do what you say you will!!!! Very simple but we don't come across it very often!!!
Victoria Godley, Marketing, Roche Diagnostics Limited.


Roche approached Wild Dog Design to assist them with designing a new suite of marketing event collateral templates to be provided to delegates of Roche hosted events.

These included joining instructions, the agenda and a certificate of attendance. The design brief emphasised these to be professional, clear, creative and visually appealing which sits within the Roche brand guidelines.


The design aim was to design master templates that would be eye-catching, attractive and apparel to time-short professionals. Once created, the templates would be supplied to Roche as a bank of masters which they could adapt and utilise as new events are planned.