Discover the World The little book of winter holiday inspiration


How do you create something more than a brochure, to really inspire potential and existing customers of a Specialist Tour Operator with over 30 years’ experience?

Discover the World really are the experts in their field for Specialist Tours, and they knew from speaking to their customers that receiving their latest brochure was an event they looked forward to and something they came back to time and again to help plan their activities for the coming year. They came to us to create something really special – a product that would set them apart in their specialist travel field, have a long shelf-life and dove-tail perfectly with their other communication channels, from digital and personal interaction at travel shows.

It has been so wonderful to work with the Wild Dog team again. You’re my favourite suppliers in the whole universe and beyond.
Renée Shorter, Marketing Manager Discover the World

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed the role of the ‘travel brochure’ go through some amazing reinvention. Initially, with the advent of travel websites, its place in the communications and marketing cycle, was understandably questioned; it was thought to be expensive, potentially out of date and easily disposable. However its greatest strengths have recently re-emerged and the brochure has rediscovered what it is ideally and importantly placed to be. With ‘The Little Book of Winter Holiday Inspiration’, we worked closely with Discover the World to reinvent their well-received and much loved brochures.

Discover the World’s tours really go beyond those offered by ordinary travel companies, and we wanted this ‘brochure’ to do the same: bringing to life the amazing experiences people could have with them. It is the company’s knowledge of their destinations that is extraordinary and unique; Discover the World genuinely create experiences and life-changing journeys of discovery rather than simply holidays.


Our approach:

With ‘The Little Book of Winter Holiday Inspiration’ the recipient immediately receives a keep-sake publication, packed full of glorious imagery; full of personal accounts of experiences from some of the most respected specialists in the industry, guides to wildlife and tips on what to expect or look for; the production values of the printed item are exemplary – more magazine-cum-travel book with a square format, perfect bound, printed onto delicious thick white stock.

Immediately the whole tactile experience of the book itself, reflects the values of honesty and true knowledge. You want to slow down, take your time and savour each account. To revisit the stories, be informed, to understand that Discover the World is a company that can realise these travel dreams for you – in short, to be wholly inspired by ‘The Little Book of Winter Holiday Inspiration’.

The first book was so well received that we recently launched the second in the series, the ‘Little Book of Holiday Inspiration’ for Iceland and Greenland, the perfect companion for people planning a trip to this amazing part of the world.