Ciceroni Travel Brochure A beautiful brochure design to complement exquisite arts tours


A new and prestigious brochure design that complements Ciceroni's specialist knowledge and exemplary travel service.


Ciceroni Travel is a well-established & highly respected company specialising in cultural tours for groups and individuals; offering unique access to some of the world’s greatest galleries and private houses. With an almost family club-like atmosphere amongst their clients, these are very special tours.


Ciceroni needed to convey their expertise and quality in print to an equally well-read, quality-conscious target audience, whilst also conveying the friendly, relaxed and fun nature of their group tours.


Our approach:

Our concept for the brochure was to create a brochure style and template that celebrated a time-less consistency in it’s look and feel. A simple, silver foiled cover that is printed on to tactile, uncoated stock with only the deep, almost Georgian colour scheme changing each year (five seasons completed to date). This elegant, understated approach has won an affection amongst Ciceroni’s loyal customers; with them genuinely looking forward to its arrival.


The inside layout adopts an elegant and simple format. The small format, 76 page brochure is printed on uncoated stock throughout, with perfect binding and with exquisite imagery, the brochure has real keep-sake appeal. Part informative travel guide, part delicious art tours reference for the past five years that we have created Ciceroni’s annual brochure, the feedback is that it has become the absolute ‘go-to’ piece of literature for their audience’s trip planning.