Travel The Unknown Comprehensive website development for an exceptional tour operator


Travel the Unknown required a new website which reflected their core offer of exciting small group and tailor-made tours to destinations less readily available from mainstream tour operators.


Travel the Unknown’s focus is on unique cultural experiences, and offers their customers the chance to gain a deeper understanding of local people and their daily lives, as well as the cultural, historical and political environment in which they live.

After a number of years growing the business, the website needed a comprehensive redesign in order to convey the uniqueness and value of the experiences on offer, and stand out from the mainstream competition.

The sense of inspiration had been lost under the sheer volume of tours on offer, which came across more like a list than the enticing beginning of a unique journey.

Although the web project scope increased substantially from our initial brief, Wild Dog ensured that everything was done in a logical and methodical way, and that we were involved throughout the process. Their approach was informal and friendly but always professional and we were delighted with the end result when the new site went live. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Rahul Aggarwal, Director Travel The Unknown

Our approach:

Wild Dog’s approach began with a comprehensive overhaul of the Information Architecture. We didn’t want to reduce the amount of tours on offer, but we wanted to create more focused journeys for users; give them the chance to explore, but in a managed, curated way, to drive them through to specific tours without getting lost.

A new focus was given to ‘themes’ of holidays (e.g. Silk Road, or Tribal), and while users who knew what they were looking for were in control, curated ‘inspiration’ was highlighted to give newer visitors a sense of what was on offer.

The site needed to be visually inspiring too. A total overhaul of the images was conducted, and the new suite of photography is much higher quality, with a real emphasis on people and experience, rather than just places and buildings, to demonstrate TTU’s unique approach and access.