Travel for the Arts Web and brochure development for the arts tour specialists.


Travel for the Arts is one of the UK's leading opera and dance holiday specialists. Research showed that their target audience are sophisticated, well educated and knowledgeable. To fulfil the brief, our aim was to assure prospective customers that Travel for the Arts truly were the experts in their field, whilst at the same time being accessible and inclusive.

Working closely with the client, we naturally appreciated from the outset that it was very important that potential customers understood that these are fabulous experiences, both rich is content and culture.

However it was also crucially key that we additionally conveyed that Travel for the Art’s tours are run in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. These are tours where like-minded individuals, who will have varying degrees of knowledge and experience, are all made to feel welcome and that the trip will be rewarding.

The website and the brochure are extremely rich in photography, showcasing the wonderful experiences and theatre to be found in their trips. The brochures have been designed to feel akin to a program that you might receive at the Opera; setting the tone that the publication is a keep-sake. Packed full of interesting details which go far beyond those that you might traditionally find in a brochure of this sort, and clearly communicating Travel for the Art’s expert knowledge.

The design look and feel of the website faithfully reflects the same core messaging, and use of rich imagery. The project included a comprehensive Information Architecture process, responsive front-end design and development, CMS integration and training.