Tangney Tours A new website for the pilgrimages travel specialist.


Tangney Tours has been organising pilgrimages to the Holy Shrines of Europe and around the world since 1974.

Tangney Tours is an experienced leading independent travel company that specialises in pilgrimages and cultural tours. Destinations including Lourdes, Rome, Fatima, Santiago de and The Holy Land.

The previous Tangney Tours website was built in 2015 and used a Joomla 3 content management system. Much of the code in the backend was outdated and needed to be brought up to today’s standard to make it more secure. The front-end code was also outdated and wasn’t compatible with the latest SEO standards required by Google.

Tangney Tours employed Wild Dog to revisit the design and rebuild the site in the latest version of WordPress.


Our website looks fantastic, thank you to you, and the whole team who made it possible.

We are getting great feedback, and it is a joy to work with.

Please do pass on my thanks to everyone at Wild Dog.
Nicholas Tangney Tangney Tours

Our work began with an overhaul of the Information Architecture. Understanding the pilgrimages audience helped us create journeys for different types of travellers and deliver the information in a logical manner. It was also vital that imagery played a key role; highlighting the unique experiences that would be discovered by the pilgrims on their journeys.

Following this comprehensive process, we began the process of design, front and back end coding with new CMS and full training with host support.