Rampion Providing renewable power to Sussex and beyond


A fully responsive website offering a simple and clear experience for a wide variety of end-users for the very first offshore wind farm to be developed on the UK’s south coast.


Rampion approached Wild Dog to commission a new dedicated website for the first offshore wind farm to be sited off the UK’s south coast. It was unquestionably a major engineering project, with the potential to offer remarkable benefits to the local community, not least generating the equivalent of supplying over 350,000 UK homes; an emission reduction of 600,000 tonnes per annum.

We were impressed with Wild Dog’s strategic and creative abilities in bringing the website from inception to reality and continue to be delighted with their support now the website is live and providing visitors with lots of facts, figures and information.
Sue Vincent, Onshore Stakeholder Manager Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Our approach:

The brief was to supply a fully responsive website, offering a simple and clear experience. However, while being simple, it needed to fulfil a variety of roles, and serve a multitude of audiences, with different needs and motivations of visiting.

Firstly, it needed to be built with the future in mind. The wind farm was 6 years in the planning, and construction lasted between 2015 and 2018. Meanwhile, new developments were planned after opening, such as a new visitor centre on the beachfront. The site needed to remain relevant and informative throughout each of these phases, and be adaptable to new changes.


Meanwhile, the site needed to be informative and engaging for a wide variety of people, such as local businesses, communities, schools, or the media. User journeys and content needed to cater for this different needs. Illustrative infographics showed key facts in an engaging way, and an interactive timeline highlighted key milestones.

An animation brought the wind farm to life, telling the ‘How it Works’ story in an impactful way, while more detailed, functional content was easily accessible for audiences that needed to be kept informed – the status of legal consultation, or diving information for the marine community, for example. An interactive map allowed users to explore the site, the pipeline and the on-shore journey.

With such a broad range of content, journeys and users, Wild Dog worked closely with Rampion on the Information Architecture phase, leaving them with a site for the long term that truly represented the vibrant local community, and inspired them to embrace the wind farm, and the benefits it brought.