Carbon Responsible Advanced corporate carbon emissions calculator and website


Climate Change and Sustainability are hugely important issues, but understanding how to help, as business, is complex, contentious and fraught with misinformation. Measurement has come to light as the key issue that needs to be addressed.

Carbon Responsible is the UK’s leading independent emissions management specialists. Their primary purpose is to provide carbon emissions management solutions for companies, their investors, stakeholders and customers.

The company approached Wild Dog to assist them with creating one of the world’s most advanced CO2 emissions calculators, m specifically aimed at the corporate sector. The project included a comprehensive Information Architecture development phase, could with design, front and back-end build, extensive REST API integration, full website and back-end CRM application tools with PDF generated CO2 emissions reporting.

Wild Dog’s understanding of the Carbon Responsible objectives, and its creative implementation has been exemplary. Their empathy and understanding with how the whole corporate marketplace is now moving in terms of Corporate emissions reporting, mitigation and disclosure was a key part of why we selected the company.
Hugo Kimber, Founder Carbon Responsible


Carbon Responsible needed to build awareness and stimulate demand for these products, while establishing them as robust, reliable and informative, especially in a cluttered market driven by offset providers (with calculation tools designed to drive offset sales).


The new Carbon Responsible site was designed to cut through the clutter and stand out as a leading, independent specialist, and encourage people to sign up and take clear action. Behind the b2b website design and CMS, lie sophisticated calculator and client engagement tools using Laravel powered REST API and built with React JS Front-end.

The website acts as an introductory portal, coupled with specialist information whitepapers, government reports and a Frequently Asked Questions section. Meanwhile, a clear guide to the role and benefit of Carbon Responsible was balanced with a clear guide of what business owners should be doing, and how.

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