Travel by B Corp A brand for Travel by B Corp - a collective of B Corp certified travel companies


B Corp is a movement of businesses dedicated to a higher standard of operation. As an independent verification, businesses that achieve B Corp status have demonstrated that they have achieved higher standards in their commitment to people and planet, as well as profit.

More than 30 travel companies have been certified as B Corp, which is a huge achievement and a big deal for the companies themselves. However, while global recognition of B Corp is low, it is less of a big deal for consumers. Travel by B Corp was set up to address this gap. 

Travel by B Corp was set up to give a greater voice to certified travel companies and to help raise the bar for the way people travel, making more sustainable, ethical travel decisions. 

To support the launch of this new collective, a distinct, strong and simple brand was required.


The brief

People increasingly list ‘sustainability’ and ‘ethics’ as a strong motivation for choosing travel products. But when it comes to the ‘buy’ itself, those motivations drop down the list. This is compounded by the confusion and lack of trust in the market. People want to make good choices, but are confronted with so much ‘greenwash’ it’s hard to know the facts. Meanwhile, travel is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, aspirational, a treat – people don’t want to feel guilt about their precious two weeks away.

By achieving B Corp status, the hard work has been taken out of the purchase process for customers. Choosing a Travel by B Corp company means you have made a better choice, and the end product has not been compromised. 

The brand needed to be reflective of this.

Our Approach

There were a host of challenges that needed to be overcome to create the right brand for Travel by B Corp. 

Travel by B Corp is made up of a variety of companies, from tailor made adventure travel to luxury parks in the UK. The brand needed to complement these brands individually, but also be reflective of them as a unified whole. 

Meanwhile, it needed to sit alongside B Corp itself, as this is the organisation that has the legacy and credibility Travel by B Corp was building on. 

It needed to demonstrate positivity and the joy of travel, yet one of the founding principles of Travel by B Corp is to be a campaigning collective.

Finally, it needed to be simple and instantly recognisable for consumers. 

Our new marque was a playful amalgamation of three aspects of Travel by B Corp. The symbol of the globe represented the travel that sits at the heart of everything Travel by B Corp does; the face represented the wider travel community, and the tick indicated that customers would be doing the right thing, in terms of ethics, sustainability and responsibility. 

This was supported by a vibrant, energetic colour palette. 

As a B Corp company ourselves, Wild Dog is immensely proud of our role in bringing this hugely important collective to life.