The Urology Foundation A brand to rally behind in the fight against urological disease


A rebrand for an established organisation at the forefront of urological research aimed at widening the brand appeal to cater for growth in the the public facing charity sector.


The Urology Foundation (TUF) is one of the UK’s most highly respected Cancer charities, and they are at the forefront of urological research and development. They hold a broad remit to fund new scientific research, fund medical education training, raise awareness of urological conditions and collaborate with other leading research cancer charities. However research showed that the existing TUF brand was perceived as slightly cold and clinical; the brand also needed to appear more approachable and friendly, to reflect the incredible good work the organisation is doing in a public-facing environment.

We now have a lovely new ID and brand that we and our supporters are all extremely proud of, and in fact love!
Louise de Winter, CEO The Urology Foundation

In simple terms, people went to the TUF for research information and funding, but were unaware that they could get involved raising urological awareness, or that the organisation provided a wealth of information to assist and help people with health concerns. Coupled with this challenge, we needed to address the fact that the general public sometimes find it difficult to broach the issue of urological disease.

It is a delicate and often sensitive issue, and TUF wanted to put people at ease discussing any urological condition. Our task was therefore to also inject warmth, soften the tone, and suggest openness and individuality; whilst concurrently retaining TUF’s highly respected professional credentials and perception within the medical world.


Our approach:

After consultation and extensive competitor analysis, we set out to create a unique marque with an organic ‘open shape’. The graphical device that we designed can take on many forms, and research showed that it was considered gentle, had alignment with the ‘U’ in Urology, and felt almost medical whilst still being approachable and fun.

The aim was for the device to be an independent recognisable marque, with or without the text name; one that could proudly be sported on sponsorship t-shirts, tie through to being used on various marketing collateral from a watermark on letter heading to the website.


We developed a strong typographic element, emphasising the core ‘Urology’ and Foundation’ word, set within a distinctive visual hierarchy in terms of typography and colour-ways. In terms of colour, we moved away from the historic blue which was perceived as too closely aligned with the medical and academic profession, and migrated the brand to a warm rich purple. This gave it stand out appeal in a relatively crowded public charity space whilst retaining TUF’s established and well-respected place in the medical and academic fields.

Following on from a highly successful brand relaunch, TUF commissioned us to design and develop a new responsive, CMS managed website. The project included extensive IA development, CMS training and site deployment.