Klay Biotech New launch brand ID marque and website


The Klay Biotech platform is an AI driven, revolutionary 3D software platform offering an unprecedented level of accuracy, predictability and patient control for cranial and facial surgical procedures.

The platform has been designed by the leading surgeons in their field, the software platform uses novel 3D imaging and manipulation techniques to design custom-made patient-specific devices and implants for facial cosmetic surgery and reconstruction.


Wild Dog was tasked with developing a brand, and subsequent launch website that reflects the heritage of the company (designed by two of the world’s leading surgeons, a technology entrepreneur, and a market leading 3D software development studio) but also appealed to the individual audiences: potential patients, investors, and clinicians who would be using the service.

The brand needed to come across as sophisticated but approachable, reassuring, elegant but with an innovative technological edge. A graphical device was created to support the brand and allow for extension into other media, and a video animation that supported the launch.


Once the brand was established, the work included developing corporate guides and a variety of analogue collateral assets to support in the company launch, as well as an inspiring new website.

The aim of the small and flexible CMS driven website was to explain about the AI concept and product, introduce the extraordinary team, regular news and the organisation’s years of experience; whilst putting in place the foundations for the website to grow as research data and further developments become available. In support of Klay Biotech, we offered hosting assistance, full training and on-going support service.