Carbon Responsible Launch brand for independent emissions management specialists.


Brand for Carbon Responsible whose primary purpose is to provide carbon emissions management solutions for companies, their investors, stakeholders and customers.

Carbon Responsible is an independent organisation set up to serve businesses as they face the challenge of automating and optimising their carbon emissions data capture, report disclosure and on-going analysis. A highly specialised and technically advanced solution driven company, with a primary aim to simplify the process of corporate impact assessment and disclosure, using its data capture and conversion solutions.

Carbon Responsible operate on four core pillars in their approach to carbon emission management: Expertise, Innovation, Insight and Solutions. They adopt a completely neutral and non-partisan approach to assisting company’s with the crucial task of achieving this vital objective; and approached Wild Dog to design and create a memorable brand ID marque to support them in underpinning the company’s credentials.

Our initial research revealed that in order to stand out within a confusing and over-saturated environmental branded marketplace, we needed to ensure that Carbon Responsible’s brand was perceived as approachable and human; whilst concurrently complement the very technically advanced solutions and data management tools that they offer.

Wild Dog’s understanding of the Carbon Responsible objectives, and its creative implementation has been exemplary. Their empathy and understanding with how the whole corporate marketplace is now moving in terms of Corporate emissions reporting, mitigation and disclosure was a key part of why we selected the company.
Hugo Kimber, Founder Carbon Responsible

Our typographical approach to the brand design led us to adopt a soft warm graphite grey lower case font style; with a subtle emphasis on the Carbon word over that of responsible, whilst the two words were purposefully stacked and layered to sit comfortably together.

For the supporting marque, a rustic, earthy coloured target was developed. The palette offered various complementary shades, and with the concentric rough edged circles this neatly created associative icons of both a target whilst being suggestive of a tree’s concentric rings.

Although Carbon Responsible is not a carbon offsetting organisation, but rather looks at a much broader mix of carbon emission management and reduction approaches, the association with trees, carbon and the planet all resonated positively.


The Carbon Responsible brand marque has successfully translated across all the media used; from limited low run environmental stock print collateral through to the sophisticated, highly-advanced website with data emissions calculator (designed and built by Wild Dog) including automated PDF reports on brand.