Tom Dunn Strategy & Development Director


Many years as a strategist and digital specialist, most recently as Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at a top 10 media agency. A job that was combined with being a part time stay-at-home Dad, strategising the upbringing of two young girls.


As in-house strategy bully, Tom works with the team and clients to make sure we’ve got the best possible brief and we know why we’re doing what we’re doing. And is helping to develop the agency for the next 21 years.


Listening to (and occasionally performing) early music, jazz, opera, either live or at home with a glass of something red and old.

A good bedtime story.


Looking forward to the Brighton Marathon being over so normal service can resume (see above).

Unashamed to be the only person in the office who regularly uses Microsoft Office. A bit of PowerPoint never hurt anyone.


There’s too much tech-for-tech’s sake. Simple, beautiful and right wins every time.

Happiness is a shared taste in Scandi noir box sets.

In the Night Garden is the work of the devil.