Riaz Thompson Junior Web Developer


Studied Games at Uni, Uni pushed web development modules to hedge their bets, fell in love with web development regardless. Found out later that it was a love for all coding rather than just games and web stuff.


Front-end development, helping the wheels spin all nice like.


Games, creative writing, reading, movies, Jojo, Books, Tea, Coding, D&D, Staffies, His Hamster, His Roomates, Dreaming up projects, Forgetting to update these projects, Scott Pilgrim... (Safe to say quite abit.)


Very big nerd, known to be going out of his way to not be talking about games and gaming news at any given time. His party trick is that you can get him to ramble on anything and he can ramble away about it for at least a minute, more if he actually knows what he's talking about. For a challenge, ask him about his side projects, he hates it.
(Not Really.)


Everything can be made better. Just needs a bit of time.