Laurence Whymark Designer


A fair few things. Over the past six years, Laurence has worked with a range of clients spanning various sectors. Along the way, he has gained invaluable insights and experience in the landscapes of identity, print and digital design.


A bit of everything. As the Visual Designer, Laurence is responsible for delivering meaningful designs and creative solutions across multiple platforms. Ultimately, ensuring that the work works.


A good coffee, reading business books, listening to podcasts and keeping fit. Oh, and catching up on the latest in the world of design, of course. Cliché, right?


Often found hiking, camping, mountain biking, or planning the next big trip! Visited 30 countries so far and not giving up. The bucket list is forever growing.


In the words of his favourite designer, Michael Bierut: “Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth”.