John-Paul Rowe Production Director


From photographic roots, JP managed MFI Furniture Centre’s design studio and survived a three-year sentence in a traditional repro company. John-Paul was coaxed by the WD founder to make up the two-man team that was Wild Dog all those years ago.


In addition to production, JP takes care of all things technical (we think he may actually be able to talk to computers). He also won the WD beard growing competition with his ‘action man’ style beard. Nice.


Creating anything for the web and playing guitar in his band to a pub full of people. Rock ‘n’ Roll (he has long hair and everything).


Most likely to say something which will have everyone in the studio rolling around on the floor – although we couldn’t possibly repeat it.


That replacing an ECC83 valve with a 12TU7 gives you a warmer tone and tames the power output of a Hotrod Deluxe.

He gets a much better night’s sleep when the cat is on someone else’s bed.