Wild Dog supports the Future of Tourism

As world travel and tourism continues to recover from the pandemic, the Future of Tourism Coalition shares a global mission: to place destination needs at the centre of tourism’s new future.
Years of unrestrained growth in travel have put the world’s most treasured sites at risk – environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially.The tourism industry now faces a precarious and uncertain future.
Wild Dog have become a signatory of the FTC and we are proud to be part of the movement. We have pledged that we will follow a set of strong guiding principles and commit to being part of a global journey.

Future of Tourism urges commitment to the following guiding principles:

1. See the whole picture

2. Use sustainability standards

3. Collaborate in destination management

4. Choose quality over quantity

5. Demand fair income distribution

6. Reduce tourism’s burden

7. Redefine economic success

8. Mitigate climate impacts

9. Close the loop on resources

10. Contain tourism’s land use

11. Diversify source markets

12. Protect sense of place

13. Operate business responsibly


To join the movement and to find out more visit – https://www.futureoftourism.org