We Go Beyond – becoming B-Corp


March’23 has been termed as B Corp Month and throughout the month the B Corp members hope to promote the community and the benefits it can bring your organisation.

For Wild Dog Design, as with many companies, during the Covid pandemic we spent a long time re-evaluating who we are and what we wanted to be as a business. We were in a privileged position to continue to trade throughout the pandemic, albeit as a slightly different home working model of ourselves. Covid highlighted that some of us were less fortunate which made us want to help and be part of something that makes a difference in change for the good.

We became aware of B-Corp about this time and it’s aims and objectives resonated with us; we feel that as a business it is possible to have purpose and make profit, and that businesses can with the right mindset and approach be a driving force to create good.

The application journey wasn’t an overnight process. It took us 12 months to complete in which we spent time assessing our approach, reviewing our policies and pushing ourselves to be the very best that we could be. We made a pledge to our people, the environment and our local community and we shifted ourselves in the right direction. More details can be read on our We Care page. It is not an easy journey but we’re so proud that we made it happen and after a year and a half we became B Corp certified.

If you are considering B Corp, we would heartily recommend it. And of course having now qualifies, it doesn’t stop here. We will continue learning, updating and reinventing ourselves.

Learn more at B-Corporation