Toast of the Town


The St Annes Day Centre, Brighton is a charity that we have been supporting for many years. They are close to our heart as they do such amazing work for the local homeless and vulnerable community.

Michael visited the centre a few weeks ago to catch up on their news and the day he arrived their beloved catering toaster had broken! Mimi one of the trustees explained to Michael that toast is a small pleasure when you’re living on the streets and they were just heartbroken not to be able to serve toast to their clients that day. Mimi also explained that catering toasters are a sizeable investment so they couldn’t just go out and purchase one as funds just did not allow. It costs £175 per day to run the centre and they rely on donations and volunteers alone.

Michael was equally heartbroken so he decided that Wild Dog should make a donation for a new toaster immediately so normal service could be resumed.

We are really proud to be a supporter of the St Annes Day Centre. Without them 50 people a day would not get to sit down with breakfast and a hot home-cooked lunch.

Life on the streets can be lonely and frightening. St Annes Centre welcome all.

To find out more or to make a donation please visit