mb LAW: a new website for the travel industry specialist solicitors


mb LAW is an established law firm working with the travel industry. This includes tour operators, cruise lines, online travel agents, accommodation only and villa specialists, destination management companies, hotels, flight brokers and trade bodies. They are ranked as a leading firm for advice to the travel industry by Chambers and Partners; the leading guide to the legal profession.

The website itself had two main aims: very clearly identify and communicate exactly what they do (and who they do it for); and to express their passion and expertise in order to attract new clients.

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Our approach:

A focused, clear and consistent message is crucial in any communication, and this website is no different. Throughout the site the focus is on mb LAW's specialism and experience, leaving the user in no doubt as to whether they are the right firm for them. Their target audience is by its nature very closely defined, and we ensured this message was transmitted very clearly by the website. On every page they clearly communicate their desired clients: "We act solely for the travel industry and have done since 1986".

Following our well defined process we began by taking the time to truly understand the organisation, their target customers, their objectives for the business and the website and the existing brand guidelines for this well established brand. From here, we developed a website structure, designs and built the website using an open-source CMS.

The site is in its essence very focused and straightforward. Messaging is clear and concise; the design is congruent with the messaging and existing brand, business-like and industry-focused. Being a busy firm we wanted to ensure they didn't receive unsuitable enquiries, but rather attracted interest from real prospects, making it as easy as possible to get in touch.

The content on the website is designed to appeal to just such organisations, providing useful articles and advice (which also simultaneously serve to improve SEO and position mb LAW as the experts they are). The firms' people also take centre-stage: showcasing their experience and highlighting trusted industry references.

The result is a focused, optimised website which clearly showcases their specialism and experienced people.

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