Indus Experiences

Increase direct bookings for a niche specialist

Indus Experiences was founded in 1995 in North West London. Specialists in Asia but with a unique approach, Indus’ offering focuses on the expertise of their staff and the world-class guides who conduct the tours. As they have grown in terms of the destinations in their repertoire, this expertise has remained, allowing them to cater for a range of interests, from photography, wildlife, historical tours, and Oxbridge Alumni. The range of tours and the personal approach has built them a deeply loyal group of customers, however, the Indus offering had become confused as new destinations and tours were bolted on to an ageing website; a distinct problem when trying to recruit new customers. The objective was to reposition Indus as experts through a demonstration of the in-depth knowledge of the team and guides, with a view to increasing direct client bookings: transfer some of the loyalty to new customers.


Analysing the site’s performance, we learned that the vast majority of visits to the site lasted less than 10 seconds, as users were put off by a lack of a distinct proposition and confusing menus and navigation. However, there was a small hardcore of users whose average sessions were lasting between 10 minutes and half an hour. This suggested if we drew people in with a clearer proposition and more inspiring journeys through the site, we could increase engagement with the site.

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Our approach:

We created a much more visually appealing entry to the site, with stunning, impactful imagery. The Indus offering was highlighted earlier on, giving users qualified journeys through the site. Inspirational content (highlighted tours, new destinations, etc.) were given new prominence to cater to new visitors who were browsing, rather than searching.

Meanwhile, the tour detail pages were much clearer and appealing, with a balanced blend of useful information and inspiring detail. 

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