Colbourns: launching a luxury brand woven with quality

How to rebrand a well-established family-run, luxury carpet company to reflect their increasing international interior design clientele?


With an audience of extremely high-end, and increasingly international interior designers and property developers, we needed to create a brand which sat comfortably in top design exhibitions; whilst graphically it was important that the brand marque itself did not compete with their bold product range.

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Our approach:

Colbourns is a luxury carpet company with a broad range of experience in all areas of the carpet manufacturing industry. Their installation projects range from listed buildings and hotels to large-scale contemporary residential spaces, and new build apartments on an international scale.

Originally called PWC International, the company was well established and respected for it’s high quality offering. Research showed that new customer’s were unaware of the name, and therefore a rebrand was required. The family-owned company surname is Colbourn, and this immediately felt distinctive whilst personal as it retained the family connection. Our proposal was to relaunch the firm as Colbourns; coupled with a simple descriptor of 'Hand Tufted Carpets & Rugs'. For the brand, we adopted a timeless black and white colour palette and clean, crisp typeface. This classical, understated style sat comfortably alongside their strongly designed patterned products, and faithfully expressed the elegance and luxury of the brand.

In addition to the parent name, Colbourns is the main distributer of the Abaca product and required us to create an additional sub-brand. The Abaca range of rugs are hand woven to order from 100% natural Abaca fibre, and have a durable finish and a luxury, high end appeal. For this brand, we retained the black and white colour palette, but had some fun with the lettering. They have an inter-woven feel, which hints nicely to the product itself. The typographical style worked well across all media and felt modern and luxurious.

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