bedding in a new brochure and website design

How to create a keep-sake, informative brochure and User Centred Designed responsive website that celebrates heritage and experience, whilst firmly looking to a new generation target-audience?


Brightwater Holidays are specialists in escorted Garden Tours across the British Isles and longer overseas holidays. After more than twenty years of operation the founder’s felt that was a good time to totally re-assess their marketing collateral and take a fresh look at their audience needs. We found that their company had really moved on, offering a breadth of destinations and types of tour that weren’t fully reflected in existing brochures; nor was the website reflecting their demographic’s viewing habits using mobile as a primary research tool.

Their audience had also progressed; the age demographic had greatly widened as a new younger generation has discovered the joy of gardening, whilst their existing older audience being more adventurous and fitter than previous generations. Coupled with this, their target audience are increasingly digitally savvy and the role of the historic brochure and website had not kept up.

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Approachable, nice creative people to do business with. The final designs more than met my expectations. Brightwater Holidays love Wild Dog Design….'nuff said!
Graeme B Mitchell, Managing Director
Brightwater Holidays

Our approach:

Following our research, for the brochure we aimed to move the brochure along from simply being this year’s tours; but rather to become a genuine keep-sake publication with high production values.

Although the look and feel was now much more of a coffee-table publication, the design and content still needed to act as an informative reference piece. The brochure itself had extremely high quality production values: perfect bound, uncoated, tactile stock, rich in beautiful photography and designed to last repeated views.

With regard to the website, we worked collaboratively with the client to analyse exactly how they were using and researching specialist travel information on-line. An increasing number of their audience were using mobiles and tablets to access their incredible range of tours; coupled with their specific methodology of researching destinations and travel information,

Adopting a User Centred Design (UCD) approach, we developed their information architecture, focussing on user experience and reflecting this in the wire framing. Research had shown that the clients wanted a very visual, intuitive style of navigation whilst offering a simple, easy to use responsive booking process.

We worked with the client in the UK and CMS supplier to sympathetically design and build the master responsive html page templates; and work with the CMS provider regarding the integration.

The end result is a complete marketing suite of simple, elegant marketing communication collateral; one that reflects the company’s proud heritage whilst firmly placing them at the forefront of high production values and user centred website design.

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