About us A little bit about what makes us who we are

The Wild Dog development team are first class and combine a great skills set of back and front-end developers that complement each other perfectly. They’ve gone beyond the scope of our brief and solutions to various issues. We know all of the team personally and you won’t find a friendlier, more professional team I’m sure.
Renée Shorter, Marketing Manager Discover the World

We believe that everyone’s got something of a Wild Dog inside them.

Something independent-spirited. Something adventurous. Something that makes them want to stand out and do things differently; with a drive and heartfelt belief in the right way of doing things.

We love creating for companies that think like this. Companies that offer something that indulges their customers’ passion. Companies that are brave enough to do something original and distinct to stand out from their category; whilst being analytical and considered enough to not simply adopt change for change’s sake. Companies confident enough to value the existing approach if it is proven to be right. Companies that value the role of design and the power of technology to bring their products to life; whilst never being a slave to either aesthetics or technology, but master of both.

We love companies that think like this because that’s how we think. And if you’d like us to help you find your inner Wild Dog, we’d love to hear from you.

Wild Dog. Design for the independent-minded.

Because we care Wild Dog is also an animal with a heart

Even though we may be a small agency, we are demonstrably and resolutely huge in spirit and creativity. Not simply in our ideas and technological expertise, but also in our approach and philosophy. Even though we are proudly a commercial organisation this does not mean that we don’t carry our own sense of responsibility as well.

We believe that agencies such as ours should seek purpose as well as profit.

Therefore beyond being a design agency, our research papers and being thought leaders, we also try and contribute to solving the bigger issues that we all face; not least the climate debate, whilst additionally always striving to be an inclusive company.

Wild Dog is a founding member (and the only non tour operator member) of the AITO Climate Crisis Think Tank (ACT). Made up of key industry specialists, ACT engages with Government and Regulators regarding the core topics of aviation, over-tourism, consumer travel practices, industry sustainability, carbon emissions & greenhouse gases.

As with Wild Dog's research and speaking at events, our involvement in bodies such as this can bring important, subtle benefits and competitive advantages to your project whatever sector you are in.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about our purpose and profit philosophy, please visit our ‘because we care’ page.