About Wild Dog

We believe that everyone’s got something of a Wild Dog inside them.

Something independent-spirited. Something adventurous. Something that makes them want to stand out and do things differently; with a drive and heartfelt belief in the right way of doing things.

We love creating for companies that think like this. Companies that offer something that indulges their customers’ passion. Companies that are brave enough to do something original and distinct to stand out from their category; whilst being analytical and considered enough to not simply adopt change for change’s sake. Companies confident enough to value the existing approach if it is proven to be right. Companies that value the role of design and the power of technology to bring their products to life; whilst never being a slave to either aesthetics or technology, but master of both.

We love companies that think like this because that’s how we think. And if you’d like us to help you find your inner Wild Dog, we’d love to hear from you.

Wild Dog. Design for the independent-minded

The Wild Dog development team are first class and combine a great skills set of back and front-end developers that complement each other perfectly. They’ve gone beyond the scope of our brief and solutions to various issues (some we didn’t even know we had!), including UX and conversion rate optimisation. We know all of the team personally and you won’t find a friendlier, more professional team I’m sure.

Renée Shorter, Marketing Manager
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How we work

We always listen first. Wild Dog may be independent-minded, but we collaborate. We adhere to our belief that working with and for our clients is the only way to get the best work done.

We will never simply take a brief and come back with a design. We work with you to understand your audience properly and get to the heart of any challenge and clarify the strategy. Wild Dog is at its best for clients that take the time to offload onto us, and let us listen closely to your story. To analyse, interrogate, and listen; and only then deliver back the solution.

After twenty years in business, we’ve learned our craft and we’ve earned our expertise. And we are ready to share our experience with you and your organisation. Meet the pack.

If you’d like to chat to someone at Wild Dog about your next project, please do get in touch.

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